Superpupu998´s Winx-site and the rules

Welcome to my Winx-site! Have fun! ^^

There are lots of Winx Club stuff on my site. Here are information, images, video links, animations, thing to do, tests, competitions, club, tips, ideas, stories, games, chat rooms, and guest-book friend, demos, reviews and other fun stuff.

I have made that site 11th June in 2011 so this site is 1 year old. Remember to comply with the rules of my site so that everyone could enjoy theirs time here.


Please follow the rules. If you don´t follow the rules then you have to go to the Wall of Shame.

Don´t be rude! Don´t tease. Don´t swear. Don´t speak bad language or don´t speak naughty things. Be kind, polite and friendly, please.

Do not copy my pictures or text or anything from this site without permission!

If you absolutely want to copy a picture, ask the permission on the chat or Guest Book. But you can´t copy to my texts because I have written them myself!

Do not threaten or send any messages, such as that, "Hahahaa! I know your password and delete your page!"

Please do not send spam, for example, ”iuiuydufysuldfyuilaeylruy”!

Use the space bar and punctuation marks (period, comma, etc.) right.

Consider what messages you send and where. Guestbook is for it, that you can write comments of my site (of course, essentially). Guestbook is not a chat, so please do not send unnecessary messages in there that say only: "Hi!" Please chat only on the chat. Please don´t chat on Number Game so chat just on the chat!

If a person breaks the rules, he gets to the Wall of Shame. If a person breaks the rules eg on the guest book I´ll ban her/him.

So follow the rules, please!

Thank you!