About me:
Nickname: Superpupu998 (you can call me Super). Superpupu is Finnish and means Super Bunny. My other nicname is WinxGaGa.
Country: Finland
Hobbies: Playing the piano, singing, music, composing, drawing, badminton...
Favourite Winx: Stella
Favourite specialist: Brandon
Favourite Pixies: Amore, Jolly and Chatta
Favourite season: winter
Favourite season of Winx Club: the second
Favourite singers: Lady GaGa in_love_ and Emilie Autumn
Favourite colour: black
Favourite party: Halloween
Favourite Winx episode: HalloWinx!
Favourite animals: bunnies and my fish. I like wolwes, tigers, lions, cats and dogs too.